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The ATEX regulation is a European directive which requires all heads of organizations to fully understand the risks related to certain explosive environments.

Production of ATEX valves:


Because of the growing demand from clients Continental Valves is able to supply valves according the ATEX guidelines for the Valve industry. 

What does the marking mean?


All products designed for use in explosive zones have a specific marking on them. This marking contains all the information necessary to determine the zones in which the product may be used.

Example of marking:

CE 0081 (ATEX LOGO) II 2 GD Ex nAnL IIB T4

  • CE: the equipment meets European standards for this product
  • 0081: identification number of the notified body, when it intervenes in the inspection phase of production Here the number corresponds to the LCIE – Bureau Véritas. This number may also be 0080, for example for INERIS.
  • Logo of ATEX: Use authorized for explosive environments
  • II: equipment group (I = mines, II = above-ground industry)
  • 2 : category of equipment (1 = permanent risk (zones 0/20), 2 = frequent risk (zones 1/21), 3 = occasional risk (zones 2/22))
  • GD: type of fuel source: G = gases and vapors, D = dust
  • Ex: the product meets the Cenelec protection standards
  • nAnL: type of protection
  • IIB: indicates the class of gases covered by the product
  • T4: temperature class corresponding to a surface temperature